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The Burlington Files.


The Burlington Files is a series of novels about a family involved in espionage over several decades.They are to be published in the coming months. The first book in the series is to be called Beyond Enkription and if you think we can’t spell you may be mistaken!

Beyond Enkription is the first tome to be written in the series. The series is about the Burlington family and their ubiquitous relationships with state backed intelligence agencies over many decades. The series covers events involving the Burlington family ranging from the First World War to 9/11 and the related Nisha incidents and beyond.

Our story starts in 1974 and is loosely based on authentic events and characters some of which rocked and shocked the contemporary establishment. There is no way we could make this stuff up unless we were on weed or worse! You can sigh with relief though. There won’t be one book published for each year since 1974. 

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